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Residential Painting

At Sydney Five Star Painting & Decoration, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality residential painting services. Our expert residential painters work closely with each client to ensure their needs are met without exceeding their budget. Here, we are on a constant mission to provide a service that puts your convenience above all, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Are you worried about putting up with house painters that leave a mess and disrupt your day-to-day life? Then stop right there! At Sydney Five Star Painting & Decoration, we clean up after ourselves and promise to have the work finished on time so that you can carry on with your daily routine. Our team ensures punctuality, courtesy, and cleanliness.

Home interior and exterior painting services are best completed by professional painters like us. As trusted painters, we can take care of your house in Sydney and around Eastern Suburbs, Hills District, Inner West, North Shore and more. Residential solutions providers that work with you to create the most ideal space for your family. A company and contractors with determination and experience aimed at creating a wonderful home for you.

Expert Guidance 

House painting should always be carried out with experienced hands and expert guidance. Insight from professionals is always a worthwhile resource to use as we can guide you through potential types of paint and how the colour will work for your building. With our insights into these products, you can have ideal results and be proud of your home. In addition, our residential paint and coating services allow you access to experts with decades of experience who can help you turn your house into a home. These services are an ideal way to spruce up your home with the colour of your dreams or create a space you can enjoy day after day. With several options available, both in colour and protective qualities, this can be an ideal way to invest in the property’s longevity.

We work to your requirements and style to give you a space that you can call home. With our expert painters in Sydney, you can rest easy knowing your house is in good hands. We can ensure your property gets the treatment it needs from Eastern Suburbs to Hills District, Inner West, North Shore and Sutherland. With a wide array of colours and textures to choose from, let us create your perfect living space. Contact us for both interior and exterior painting needs.