Prep Steps For Residential House Painter Jobs In The Inner West Area Of Sydney

Aug 1, 2020House Painter

Painting a house can become a big challenge, especially when you underestimate the sheer size of it, both inside and out. Leaving a professional finish could take days or even weeks without the proper tools and skills, which is why many homeowners choose to hire house painters in the inner West areas of Sydney, Australia.

Whether you need to prepare your home for sale or simply want a new and fresh look, professional painting services can help you renew the appearance and atmosphere of your house in no time.

With efficiency and high-quality standards a top priority, Sydney Five Star Painting has the goods to transform your home from worn-out to amplified with clarity and charm. Simply visit us online to request a quote.

How To Prepare Your Home For A Professional Interior Painting.

Getting your home ready for a full interior painting takes a fair amount of planning, but it is all worth it when you protect the things that make your house feel like a home. And, doing the prep-work beforehand simplifies the process for both the homeowner and painters, so the job is done a lot faster without any hassle.

Unfortunately, do it yourself paint jobs typically leave tell-tale signs of amateur techniques behind, which ultimately takes away from the appearance of your home. But, with professionals on hand and the right preparation, your home will truly gleam in its newfound burst of colour.

Consider these prep steps before commencing an interior paint job:

  • Move the furniture – it’s best to move all your furniture away from the walls and into the centre of the room to be covered by the painters.
  • Protect the floor – the painters will use professional drop cloths to protect your carpets and hardwood floors from unwanted paint splatters and smears.
  • Remove wall hangings and ornaments – small items are a considerable obstacle for painters, so you should wrap them and store them away until the job is complete.
  • Get repairs done – even the most minor superficial damages can deter the paint job’s overall finish. Repair any drywall damage or consider hiring a third-party professional for repairs.
  • Remove soft furnishings – these include curtains, blinds, rugs, and other items that can be easily stored away.
  • Masking – the painters will ensure that masking is done to create clean lines and protect surfaces such as window sills or skirting boards from unwanted paint.
  • Remove or cover switch plates – painters generally want an unobstructed surface to work on, so removing switch plates will make their job much easier and give you a smooth finish.

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